Core Singing

A NEW animated video series from CoreSinging®


Lesson One: Preparing to Sing: First, Find Your Balance

For Singing Teachers pdf document Lesson Plan

Created and written by:
Meribeth Dayme, PhD
Animation by: London Squared Studios
Music by: Meribeth Dayme and Scarlett Anatoloczy, musical arrangements

pdf document Brochure : Video Information - Learn to Sing with Oleli


We are grateful to Maria Rybicki for her generous sponsorship of this video.

Oleli And Friends
learn to sing with oleli

learn to sing with dooba   learn to sing with mahata   learn to sign with dingaling


A universal approach to singing for all ages and styles

Available now: Introduction: Oleli Discovers CoreSinging®
Lesson One: Preparing to Sing: First, Find Your Balance

Singing is easier than you think

These short animated videos offer great teaching in an easily understood

and practical format

Simple concepts with profound results

Immediate benefits for individuals or classroom
Makes singing fun
Greater connection with the voice and sound
Confident performance
Excellent for use in any teaching or learning situation
Practical in life as well